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The advantages of renting a private villa with a swimming pool for your holidays in Mauritius

Spend less money, enjoy more of your vacation

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Private vacation rentals offer exceptional value for money and are one of the most cost-effective solutions for your holiday. With a private rental you can save up to 50% compared to an average stay at the hotel, plus you are free to enjoy your savings on your accommodation to invest more for activities and shopping! Ideal accommodation at an affordable price.
A comfortable living space with the luxury and services of a large hotel
When you opt for a vacation rental you will never have to worry about being disturbed by the hotel staff and so you can enjoy your privacy completely. Since you are not limited to a single cramped hotel room, you will have plenty of space for your little moments with family and each one his room is like home except you will have the Indian Ocean as background.


Define your own rules and schedules

With a vacation rental, you choose to enjoy your vacation, according to your desires. Unlike a package, there is no restrictive control at times, food options or schedules of visits – you adapt your itinerary to your convenience and to your family. The choice of attractions you want to visit, restaurants where you wish to dine and moments of escape to meet a new culture – you are free to leave when you wish.

To have the choice

With a wide range of properties available, you define your own accommodation list whether you want your own private swimming pool so that children can splash the family meals safely or outdoors so that you can enjoy an evening Family-friendly barbecue – the choice is yours. From luxuries like a private pool or Jacuzzi to daily comforts such as satellite TV or Internet access – we will have the perfect property to meet your needs.

Receive your friends and family

Want to enjoy a getaway where there is space for everyone? Whether you are considering a New Year’s Eve party with friends, or a family reunion in a heavenly destination – private vacation rentals offer plenty of space and privacy.

Share a family meal

Flexible catering options are one of the many benefits of a private vacation rental. You can meet your family’s wishes by creating delicious dishes, cooked with the freshest ingredients from local markets where you choose to completely escape the kitchen and enjoy the local delicacies in the best local restaurants.

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